User needs to click on "LOGIN" Menu option, and then further click on "User Registration" option for Registration. On clicking User Registration another page will open where user needs to provide details such as User Type, Bank Name, Name, Login Name, Email ID, Mobile No. and then submit for Registration.
If the OTP is not received on email and mobile, then Contact Digidhan Admin
User needs to Login to the portal by using the username and password credentials shared to user on his/her email ID after successful User Registration
User will be able to Reset Password, using the Reset Password option in the main menu after successful login .
User can contact Digidhan Admin team at the contact details provided on the Dashboard for issue resolution
User can check Digital Transaction Status either through "Digidhan Mitra Chatbot" or user may view the "Cumulative Payments Transactions (Last 12 Months)" Analysis Graph on Landing Page
User needs to Click on Digidhan Mitra Chatbot, and Type mention in query to show data in Tabular/Chart format
User shall be able to view the "Monthly Growth of BHIM Transactions" at the analysis on the bottom of the page
User shall be able to view the "BHARAT Bill Pay Transactions" at the BHARAT Bill Pay Transactions Analysis on the bottom of the page. User can select the Financial Year for which user wish to view Transaction Analysis
User can click on "Mode-wise Analysis" button at the top section of the Landing Page where the Total Digital Payment Transactions count is visible.
User can view following details: 1. Total Digital Transactions for current Financial Year and Last Financial Year 2. Mode wise Analysis 3. Top Banks and Bottom Banks 4. Cumulative Payments Transactions (Last 12 months) 5. Statewise Distribution of Digital Payment Transactions (per capita basis) 6. Point of Sale Deployment 7. Seeding 8. Monthly Growth of Transactions for BHIM, Bharat BillPay Transactions 9. Achievements for Financial Year 2019-20 10. About Us - capturing Digidhan Mission, about Dashboard etc.